We have moved to The Blue Lagoon at Hilsea Lido - Portsmouth PO2 9RP

As The Blue Lagoon now has to close, our Discos have to be cancelled until further notice.

The information and advice we hear is often confusing and the forecasts seem to change daily Ė but I think the truth of the matter is that
NO-ONE actually knows how long this will last so at this time we have no idea when we will be able to resume.
I will contact you again in due course and will post any updates here.
Our Facebook Group seems to be frozen, so donít bother to post on it as I canít reply. You can of course email or phone me if you wish.
We featured in another article in The News on Tuesday 17th March page 18, if you missed it I have posted a copy, scroll down and follow link.
With so much favourable publicity and a wonderful opening evening on 11th March, lets all hope that we can resume the momentum eventually.
In the meantime, stay safe and take care.
Denis - 21 March 2020

2nd Wednesday every month 2020
11 Mar ~ 8 Apr ~ 13 May
10 Jun ~ 8 Jul ~ 12 Aug
 9 Sep ~ 14 Oct ~ 11 Nov
16 Dec ~ Christmas Party

a varied selection of music from the

Resident D.J. Denis Kaye

smart casual dress is appropriate and appreciated

8.00-11.00pm * Doors open 7.30pm
admission - £5
~~ Members showing card - £4

 For ladies and gentlemen of a certain age who no longer feel comfortable in nightclubs or similar venues, Club-50 offers a pleasant evening of music and dancing in a safe and friendly environment for the over 50s who are on their own or with a partner or friends.
 The club is organised by Denis Kaye who was a promoter of discos and live band events from many years and plays a wide variety of music mostly from the 60s, 70s and 80's but also drifts back to the 50s and up to the 00s for suitable songs, particularly if requested by members.
 Whether you still like a bit of a boogie or just enjoy the music, you will be most welcome by Denis and his team.

new members - singles & couples
always welcome

click here for location map and directions

email me


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